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Also known as an Accommodator, a Qualified Intermediary (QI) is a company that specializes in facilitating the exchange of 1031 properties. The role a qualified intermediary for the like-kind exchange of commercial income properties is established by Treasury Regulation §1.1031(k)-1(g)(4), which states that the entity shall temporarily hold the proceeds from the relinquished property in an escrow account or trust to prevent the seller from taking “constructive receipt” of the funds. If the seller constructively receives the proceeds, the 1031 exchange is disqualified, and the sale of the property is subject to normal taxation.

Performing The Exchange

When you hire a qualified intermediary to facilitate a like-kind exchange of commercial income property, the entity performs three essential functions on your behalf: it acquires your relinquished property and delivers it to the buyer, temporarily holds the proceeds from the sale to prevent you from constructively receiving them, and acquires the exchange property and transfers it to you within the proper timeframe.

The party that performs these services must be unrelated to you and have not had a financial relationship with you (excluding rendering financial services) within two years prior to the close of the escrow exchange. Common examples of parties that are disqualified from serving as a qualified intermediary are one’s present attorney, real estate agent, and public accountant.

Other Services

Companies that serve as qualified intermediaries also perform other services related to the exchange of investment properties, such as helping clients find commercial income properties for 1031 exchanges. Because this service qualifies as a financial service, it does not preclude the companies from serving as qualified intermediaries to the parties they assist with locating properties.

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