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Is IRA Rollover O.K. for Distributions by FDIC 

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") recently took over a bank in the state of Pennsylvania.  The FDIC is now issuing distribtuion checks to IRA Holders that had Individual Retirement Accounts at that institution.

Can IRA Holding Rollover Funds?

The issue that comes up is whether the distribution to IRA Holders from the FDIC for the balance of their Individual Retirement Accounts will qualify for Rollover IRA Contribution treatment within the sixty (60) day Rollover IRA Contribution requirement if the IRA Holder had already completed a Rollover within the last twelve (12) month period to or from that same institution. 

IRA Holders are permitted one (1) Rollover IRA Contribution for any one twelve (12) month period.

Specifically, the question is whether IRA Holders that had completed a Rollover IRA Contribution to or from the failed bank during the past twelve (12) month period, is the FDIC check eligible for rollover - or would such Rollover IRA Contribution violate the one-rollover-per-year rule?

IRS Publication 590 Says Yes

The Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") addressed this situation in IRS Publication 590.  Publication 590 states that since the IRA Holder did not request an IRA Distribution from his or her Individual RetirementAccount, the one-rollover-per-year rule does not apply to such IRA Distributions. 

IRA Rollover Contributions Must Be Completed Within 60 Days

Remember, Rollover IRA Contributions are tax free only if the IRA Holder completes the Rollover IRA Contribution within sixty (60) days of the receipt of the IRA Distribution check.  Partial Rollover IRA Contributions perfectly acceptable.