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Land Trusts Are Powerful Tools For Real Estate Investors

The Title Holding Trust or Land Trust, often referred to as the Illinois Land Trust because of its long history and roots in Illinois, is a very powerful tool for the savvy real estate investor.  Title Holding Trusts or Land Trusts are revocable, grantor trust (i.e. living trusts) that are used specifically for holding title to real estate in a confidential and private manner.

Some investors will acquire and hold each property in its own separate Title Holding Trust or Land Trust in order to afford the  maximum privacy and protection possible, while others hold all of their real estate holdings in one (1) Title Holding Trust or Land Trust.

There are many reasons for considering a Title Holding Trust or Land Trust, but here are certain highlights that you might want to consider:

Privacy and Confidentiality of Ownership.   This is by far the most important benefit of Title Holding Trusts or Land Trusts.  Anyone with an internet connection today can view your ownership of real estate.  Privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to most people who don’t want others knowing what they own.  You can negotiate, make offers, acquire, hold, management and ultimately dispose of real estate through a Title Holding Trust so that no one knows who is really behind the transaction. 

Protection from Liens and Judgments.   Real estate titled in the name of the Trustee of the Title Holding Trust or Land Trust is not subject to liens or judgments that have been filed against the beneficiary(ies) of the Title Holding Trust. This can be extremely valuable when property is owned by multiple owners (co-owners). 

Discouraging Litigation.  Let’s face it, people tend to only sue others who appear to have money or property.  Attorneys who work on contingency are only likely to take cases which they can not only win, but collect, since their fee is based on collection.